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Description of Vota Hoy Marian! This application is deferred in an effective form of simulation, simulation of what would have been deferred in parts of what was previously a retribution ... The application is very simple, it is simply a common vote counter backed by the servers of google play games services. You open the application, you vote and you see the graphs. Process: 1.- Google play services account validation (essential) 2.- Data update of google bookmarks that will go to graphics 3.- Verification of voting status (restriction of 1 vote per day) 4.- Vote 5.- Visualization of graphics. rummy best 6.- Conclusion in plain text Publish your vote to maximize the accuracy of the poll. Vary your vote to bring the data closer to reality. Democratize yourself. This app is proof of cheaters, lamers, hackers and other jeters, please try it! : { [email protected]

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