Free download Fleye - Bounce off the wall APK for Android

Description of Fleye - Bounce off the wall Try to hit the wall as often as possible and avoid the spikes.Collect hearts to unlock the other characters and to remove the ads.Touch your screen to add a force to your little cute alien eye character.If the character touches the wall to the right you'll score a point and the character changes direction.After that you must avoid the spikes and hit the wall to the left.The simple but challenging game is an endless game. If you're a real hardcore gamer you'll achieve a score over 50. Compare your scores with the worrummy grandld and your friends through a highscore. You can also collect achievements by collecting hearts and unlocking new characters.This is a fly and flap one touch game in which the best score is your goal. Let the eye flap by touching the screen and avoid the spikes on top, bottom and these who appear to the left and right.So don't touch the spikes or stings and try to collect as many hearts as possible to unlock all characters. The golden super eye is waiting for you. Perhaps the golden eye has some special skills...check it out and have fun playing with the different Fleye characters. Easy to play but hard to master that's how games should be and that's how this game is.Be patient and don't let the dark force in your heart :D

Version history Fleye - Bounce off the wall New in Fleye 1.2.2 Please rate this app

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